‘Gallowstree Lane’ by Kate London

‘Please don’t let me die. Please don’t…’

At the heart of this book is a current topical issue of gang culture within our youths and the devastating impact of knife crime.
This is the third book to feature DI Sarah Collins and DC Lizzie Griffiths and despite not having read the previous novels it’s still an engaging and coherent read. I would be interested in the previous two novels to explore the character development to this point, as I’m sure it would have enriched the reading of ‘Gallowstree Lane’.
The title of this book is engaging and mysterious, and fits the plot; the narrative is told via split perspectives of the two police officers aforementioned, also D.I. Kieran Shaw and a young boy caught up in the brutal world of gang crime; it’s this narrative that’s really engaging and how over the course of the book your perception of him really changes.
I certainly enjoyed this book and would recommend it – I’d definitely look out for the first two before though as I think I would have got much more out of it having more understanding of the relationships, but I haven’t judged it overall with those thoughts..
Thank you to both NetGalley and the publishers for a chance to review this upcoming novel.

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