‘Life Ruins’ by Danuta Kot

‘They all fall down…’

This book is set in an area of England I have visited a lot, so I really enjoyed the setting, despite the depressing overtones, however, I actually don’t mind a bit of gloom.
I think it’s a solid first book, although I did drift a lot during my reading and found the overall plotting, sadly, a little weak. Personally, I would have loved to see more on the central story, rather than the lengthy issues the principal characters were going through. Saying that, there were moments of drive and these held my attention and were written well.
I enjoyed the more sinister undertones throughout the book, although Whitby and surrounding areas are actually much more joyful in reality, and not perpetually bleak, but that’s the tone the writer wanted, and I can appreciate why. Maybe a bit more light against the dark?
This author certainly has potential; I felt with better structure and plotting to hold the threads together the story-telling would be delivered more coherently for the reader?
I found I was pulling out of the story with the different threads and the final joining of these didn’t have enough impact for me, although the final quarter of the book worked much better.

These are my honest opinions and I wish the author well in their writing career. Thank you to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for the review copy.

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