‘No Way Out’ by Cara Hunter

D.I. Adam Fawley Book 3

More bumping and twisting for the reader than a Helter Skelter ride!
This is Cara Hunter’s third novel in the D.I. Adam Fawley series of novels and it doesn’t disappoint.
Remaining consistent with the format of her previous novels, Hunter’s writing weaves back and forth between a first and third person narrative. The main story is interjected with mixed forms of police report transcripts, social media, news and forensic reports.
The central mystery surrounds the devastating aftermath of a house fire; there are some harrowing events involving the family’s young children and D.I. Fawley and his team investigate the events leading up to the fire. Hunter uses engaging flashbacks of the days leading up to the incident and the reader is able to shadow the lives of the central victims and their journey, gaining insight into the events leading up to the tragedy. As always, Hunter enjoys a good twist in the tale and this third novel fails to disappoint upon its conclusion.

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