‘Perfect Crime’ by Helen Fields

‘Your darkest moment is your most vulnerable’

A well-crafted, tense narrative hook opens the fifth book in the D.I Luc Callanach series. It’s great to be back with the Police Scotland where an unusual set of repulsive crimes is appearing. As always Fields’ plotting is intelligent and she weaves the investigation of the crime around the men and women who are tasked to solve it. The central relationship of Luc and Ava is taking a much more personal turn and there’s a lot of focus on it, but I really enjoyed this development and the further insight into their lives and problems.
There’s a lot of backstory in this, so I’d definitely recommend reading from the start to understand Luc’s past and how it links strongly into this story-line. All the books in this series are great reads!
I thoroughly enjoyed this fifth book; the unusual method of crime and the psychology of the killer.
Can’t wait for book six!

Thank you Avon Books UK and NetGalley for the arc and the chance to review this book before publication. Highly recommended for all crime fiction fans.

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