‘The Quaker’ by Liam Mcllvanney

Glasgow, 1969.

Wow! I really enjoyed this book and sped through it; it’s incredibly well written and you are soon engrossed into the awful crimes and the plight of the central detective and the dramatics and angst of the team he finds himself working with.
The story is gritty and disturbing and is loosely based on real events from 1960s Glasgow. I love the close-up detail in the narrative; the scenes and characters came screaming to life from the pages.
It’s difficult to write about this, as I wouldn’t want to reveal any of the plot, but it’s a 100% recommended read for fans of the crime genre. Some great plot twists, carefully constructed characters and superb overall structure and plotting. A fantastic gritty read!
Thank you so much for the review copy, I shall definitely be purchasing my own copy for a hands-on re-read!

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