Love is in the air!

Over thirty years ago I watched ‘The Princess Bride’, I remember the grandad coming to read to his sick grandson and suddenly being thrust into the high fantasy world of William Goldman’s cult classic film and book. I didn’t realise for years about the actual book, so this discovery was a lovely surprise for me.

Gosh, why is this story so captivating? For me, it’s the richness and diversity of characters and the clever wit and plotting of their adventures. At the centre of this is the glorious Westley, from his first ‘As You Wish’ to the mysterious ‘man in black’ to the Dread Pirate Roberts and back to Westley again in his quest to be worthy of and with the maiden Buttercup. And what an adventure!

It’s the themes at the heart of this book that have captured both its viewers and readers: revenge, evil, miracles, friendships, adventure, thirst for war, sadism, necromancy (well, sort of) and of course, true love. From the formidable Cliffs of Insanity to the Fire Swamp with the dangerous presence of the ROUS to the final wedding and battle of wits.

A cult classic, timeless adventure and perfect for Valentines. ❤️

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