‘The Duke of Distraction’ by Darcy Burke

This is not my usual read, but I saw it on NetGalley and thought I’d have a look as I’ve been branching out to different genres recently. This one’s an historical romance and I hadn’t realised it was actually book 12 in a series by Darcy Burke.

I was initially confused, as there were a lot of names mentioned in the opening pages, however previous readers of this series wouldn’t be and I imagine would like to see previous characters again. It wasn’t a problem though, as I quickly grasped the basics of who’s who.

‘The Duke of Distraction’ is set in 1818 and centres around Felix Havers, the Earl of Ware, who has spent the majority of his life hiding his emotions behind a jolly facade of entertaining others. He becomes embroiled in helping his best friend’s sister to find a husband. This is Sarah Colton, who also hides a secret; she’s intent on opening a millinery shop and supporting herself. This independent wish is stopped by her parents desire for her to many appropriately.

After tragic events, Sarah is helped by Felix to find a husband she could love but, unsurprisingly, their mutual attraction begins to cause problems.

I think these books tend to follow a typical structure, and I guess it’s what readers of this genre like and I can’t deny it’s entertaining. I chuckled several times! I also needed to fan myself as I wasn’t prepared for the detail of the amorous moments, and there was quite a few! Lol!

All together, it was an easy read, well written, with characters suitable and believable within this genre. Good fun romantic escapism. Maybe not a genre I’ll read regularly but I can certainly appreciate the appeal!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read an arc for an honest review.

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