‘Cruel Acts’ by Jane Casey

Maeve Kerrigan Series Book 8

I love the Maeve Kerrigan series of crime novels and the eighth in the series is no exception.
This was a one sitting read for me and it was great to be back with Kerrigan and her DI Josh Derwent. ‘Cruel Acts’ is an intelligently plotted book that draws you into the re-investigation of a previously convicted killer. As Kerrigan and Derwent look over the case for the retrial we follow the original investigation of the murdered women and soon the case broadens.
Like most books in a series, you really need to read from the beginning to understand the characters and their relationships. Of course, this investigation is new and will work as a stand-alone in that respect. But the drive of these books is the central story of Maeve Kerrigan and by close association, Josh Derwent. I for one, love their ‘relationship’ and in this book there are more complex developments between the two, which add some real depth and intensity to the story.

A fascinating, intelligently plotted and tension fuelled crime novel that I’ll be reading more than once! Jane Casey knows what she’s doing! All I can say is roll on book nine!!!!


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