‘They Call Me The Cat Lady’ by Amy Miller

Cats possess more sympathy and feeling than human beings
Florence Nightingale

Well, thank goodness I had a box of tissues in the house. This is a story of loss, and grief and healing. It’s about isolation and the importance of human contact. It’s not a comedy about a mad cat woman, although there’s certainly a chuckle or two along the way. So now that’s established, let’s focus…this is a story about Nancy Jones, a middle-aged lady who lives in a rundown house with her cats for company and they’re a fabulous bunch. She works at a local school and has also started being an animal sitter for when people go away; she also befriends a young boy who is being bullied at the school. One day she meets up with him and takes him with her to help feed a cat; it is here that Nancy makes a discovery that deeply upsets her. This begins the start of Nancy looking back into her past and we slowly find out why Nancy lives alone.
This is a deeply moving book exploring the effects of deep grief and loss, but is it also about healing. About remembering that despite outward appearances, we never know a person’s story and sometimes maybe we should. It’s about facing our demons, being brave and having the courage and faith in others to help you. This book is emotional but it also gave me hope.

Published April 26th 2019

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