‘Stone Cold Heart’ by Caz Frear

I started reading this and then realised it was book two in the D.C. Cat Kinsella series. So, I stopped and downloaded the first book on my Kindle; I quickly read it and I am glad I did. There are important threads and character developments that were enriched greatly by knowing the first book.
So, ‘Stone Cold Heart’ is not a pacey crime book as such, but I was quite happy plodding along with Cat’s day to day world. There’s some really good plotting and the troubles with Cat’s family is nicely interjected as she works her investigations. I also like Cat’s professional team; the family guy ‘Luigi’ and her boss DCI Kate Steele are both great characters.
This crime centres around the murder of a young woman, Naomi Lockhart who has recently come over from Australia to work. Her employer is interviewed, and this draws the investigation into the family and friends and it spirals from there. We join Cat and the team as they try to decipher the truths and the lies – this certainly becomes a complex problem and there’s a lot of conflicting reports and a ‘he said’, ‘she said’ battle to work out the truth.
An enjoyable crime novel, with some clever twists and an added dimension of a police officer with worrisome links to criminals; her fear of discovery creates a suspenseful underscore to the overall murder investigation.

I enjoyed this book and will certainly look out for book 3. An engaging, intricately plotted believable crime book.

Many thanks for the review copy Zaffre Books and Netgalley.

Published June 27th 2019.

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