BLOG TOUR ‘Fixed Odds’ by William McIntyre

With thanks to @cerisanne for the tour @Best_Defence @sandstonepress #BlogTour and to William McIntyre for the witty story.


George ‘Genghis’ McCann has stolen – and lost – a priceless masterpiece. Snooker champion Oscar ‘The Showman’ Bowman is charged with betting fraud.

With a second baby on the way, and promises of great rewards if he wins Bowman’s case and recovers the painting, defence lawyer Robbie Munro has never been so tempted to fix the odds in his favour.


William McIntyre

William McIntyre is a partner in Scotland’s oldest law firm Russel + Aitken, specialising in criminal defence. William has been instructed in many interesting and high-profile cases over the years and now turns fact into fiction with his string of legal thrillers, The Best Defence Series, featuring defence lawyer, Robbie Munro.

Based in Scotland and drawing on his thirty years as a criminal defence lawyer, there is a rich vein of dry-humour running through the series, which William describes as an antidote to crime fiction featuring maverick cops chasing serial killers, emphasising that justice is not only about convicting the guilty, but also about acquitting the innocent.


This book is the fifth book in a series based around Robbie Munroe, a criminal defence lawyer and well… ‘it all starts with a dog’. Sounded good to me!

I’d not come across these books before, so it was read as a standalone for me, which works absolutely fine. You obviously lose the character developments, but you do, obviously, get a new plot. I was initially surprised when I started reading, as I didn’t expect the humour. It’s sarcastic, witty and enjoyable, which engaged and hooked me into the story right from the start. There’s a great, immersive and chatty style to the narrative which makes it easy and accessible to read. Not the typical court-room drama I’d been expecting; it’s an entertaining read, with steady pacing throughout… and it all starts with a bit of a ‘balls up’ of a burglary and leads into a story of fraud, theft, deceit, lies and a dash of bribery along the way.

So, Robbie Munroe is our MC, and he seems a genuinely decent chap in both his professional and personal life; he certainly has some ups and downs to deal with. He’s sometimes outwardly sloppy but underneath he’s smart and really good at his job – loved ‘watching’ him work, making a few ‘interesting’ decisions that raises eyebrows with the opposing team and chuckled many times along the way.

What I loved the most about this book was the characters and the family dynamics with Robbie, his home life (he’s in a relationship with a previous employee and there’s another baby on the way), his brother (a sport’s broadcaster) and father (who has retired from police service). There’s also a secretary, who I want to come and work for me – lol!

I’m really interested now in starting at the beginning of this series – a great portrayal of the justice system in Scotland by an intelligent, witty legal thriller writer. Bravo!


Many thanks again to Ceris Jones & Sandstone Press for the review copy: TO VIEW PREVIEW FURTHER, SEE AMAZON LINK BELOW

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