July reads and… whoopsie also May and Junes! #readingwrapup #bookchat #readers #bookblogger

I’ve just realised I didn’t post about my May and June reads, I think the ‘RONA’ pandemic has taken my focus away! I’ve been shutting down my costume and fancy dress hire shop (it sadly is a victim of RONA) and putting into stasis the Stage School, Touring Theatre, rehearsals rooms and other theatrical work, in the hope that they’ll come back to life in the future. So, like many others, these are tough times. If you’re having a difficult time too, I really wish you well, and keep the faith!

So back to books, I thought I’d tag the May and June reads into my July reads blog post, so if you are interested then do keep scrolling. 🙂

Book totals: July 13, June 5, and May 18

July 2020

Cape May by Chip Cheek – set in the 1950s and explores the loss of innocence; lots of potential, but soon turned into the unexpected, and not in a good way for me. Disappointed.

The Girl from Widow Hills by Megan Miranda – I enjoyed this one, see my blog post for further chat: https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/07/10/blogtour-for-thegirlfromwidowhills-by-meganlmiranda-corvusbooks-randomthingstours-annecater/

Descendent of the Crane by Joan He – I personally found this a little slow going, but a solid fantasy read about an unstable kingdom, power, magic and the fight for justice.

Hinton Hollow Death Trip by Will Carver – not your typical murder mystery thriller; creative, disturbing and addictive. For more chat, check out my earlier blog post: https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/07/21/blogtour-for-hintonhollowdeathtrip-by-will_carver-dspace-orendabooks-annecater/

Written in Blood by Chris Carter – the third Robert Hunter book, and another cracking read. For more chat, check out my blog tour post: https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/07/23/blogtour-writteninblood-by-chris-carter-simonschusteruk-harriett_col-randomthingstours/

Good Samaritans by Will Carver – a writer who doesn’t hold back; it’s dark, sexual and disturbing. Controversial and addictive.

Anna Undreaming by Thomas Welsh – a complex fantasy world, and a decent debut. For more chat: https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/07/18/bookchat-annaundreaming-calmdowntom-owlhollowpress/

The Resident by David Jackson – creepy, full of black comedy and a recommended read.

Wounding PB by Heidi James – not for me, just didn’t hold my attention.

Shed No Tears by Caz Frear – the third book featuring DC Cat Kinsella, and the best to date. Blog chat here: https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/07/23/blogtour-shednotears-cazzif-zaffrebooks-compulsivereaders-tr4cyf3nt0n/

The Cry of the Lake by Charlie Tyler – a solid debut novel about murder, passion and secrets. Blog tour chat: https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/07/31/happy-to-be-on-the-blogtour-today-for-thecryofthelake-by-charlietyler17-randomttours-with-thanks-to-anne-for-the-invite/

The Wind Dancer by Iris Johansen – entertaining historical saga , enjoyable but features a dominating relationship.

Don’t Turn Around by Jessica Barry – really enjoyed this high tension thriller with depth, see blog for further chat. https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/08/03/its-blogtour-day-for-dontturnaround-by-jessbarryauthor-harvillsecker-jazminamarsh-vintagebooks-newbook-readers-bookrecommendations/

June 2020

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout – I enjoyed this, a fantasy novel about protected maidens waiting for Ascension, until one decides to make a different choice, and with the help of Hawke, changes her course.

The Official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook – delightful cookbook, full of cookery history and delicious recipes.

The First Lie by A.J. Park – entertaining thriller, about a man coming home to find his wife over the body of a dead man.

Daughters of Cornwall by Fern Brittain – an enjoyable family saga from 1914 to 2020.

Very Nearly Normal by Hannah Sunderland – funny rom-com and entertaining escapism, enjoyable.

May 2020

A Murderous Relation (Veronica Speedwell 5) by Deanna Raybourn – the lastest book in the Speedwell and Stoker mysteries, always entertaining!

The Seduction by Joanna Briscoe – creatively written book of desire, obsession and the female. https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/06/20/blogtour-theseduction-joannabriscoe-bloomsburybooks-randomthingstours-annecater-readers-bookchat-newbook/

Poison Study (Study 1) by Maria V. Snyder – the first book in a fantasy series about a food taster, who risks her life daily keeping the king safe, but soon her world falls apart. Fun.

The Split by Sharon Bolton – this is a layered perspective novel, with unreliable narrators, gives the brain a workout. Enjoyable, Bolton never seems to deliver a bad book. https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/05/26/blogtour-the-split-by-sharon-bolton-and-published-by-orion-books/

The Deck of Omens (The Devouring Grey 2) by Christine Lynn Herman – the second in the series set in Four Paths, and the Beast that threatens the town may once again return, enjoyable.

The Devouring Grey by Christine Lynn Herman – the first book in the duology, set in a town threatened by an ancient curse, and as a new girl arrives in town, she soon notices something is very wrong. Fun,

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren – Perfect summer garden read, lots of laughs and your predictable but necessary happy ever after.

The Truants by Kate Weinberg – a coming of age drama, full of lies, desires, manipulation and murder. Recommended. https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/06/16/blogtour-thetruants-by-kateweinberg-bloomsburybooks-with-thanks-to-annecater-randomthingstours/

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski – the first book in a YA fantasy series. A great start, about power, control, slavery, freedom and corruption.

The Curator by M.W. Craven – Always a fantastic read, this is the third book in the Washington Poe and Tilly Bradshaw crime series, and there’s an evil mastermind to be defeated, but it’s a challenge. Highly recommended. https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/05/29/blogtour-thecurator-mwcravenuk-littlebrownuk-thecrimevault-bethwright26/

The Secrets of Strangers by Charity Norman – absolutely loved this book. Read it! https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/05/30/blogtour-thesecretsofstrangers-by-charitynorman1-randomthingstours/

The Sixth Window by Rachel Abbott – book 6 in the DCI Tom Douglas series, a hit and run, dark intentions and a search for the truth.

Kill Me Again by Rachel Abbott – DCI Tom Douglas investigates a missing husband and a murdered wife case, that soon becomes far more complex.

Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott – after blood is found, and a woman is missing DCI Tom Douglas begins to investigate.

The Glass House by Eve Chase – really enjoyed this story, highly recommended. https://booksteaandme.blog/2020/05/29/blogtour-theglasshouse-evepollychase-michaeljbooks-gabyyoung/

The Back Road by Rachel Abbott – Another DCI Tom Douglas investigation where a tragic hit and run causes strife in a small community.

Only the Innocent by Rachel Abbott – this is the first book in the DCI Tom Douglas series, a crime drama with sordid secrets and murder to the plot, good series start.

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